As the autum wind brushes the leafs off the trees and the cold winter days approach we gather our coats, sweaters and drink hot tea to keep warm. But that’s not all! We have designed a unique way to warm your heart! Here are some of the most endearing photos from your vacation in Croatia.

We have chosen more than 100 photos taken on vacation by guests that will make you laugh, relax and of course, warm up.

Our guests will show you that you always need to keep your camera close because you never know where and when you will get an opportunity to catch the perfect photo.


Just think of your previous family holiday photos which years later are a delight to see and make you laugh. Sometimes those spontaneous pictures are the brightest moments of your holiday spent with your parents, your unruly children or wacky friends ….


Perfect examples of those great moments can be found in our PHOTO GALLERY!

All of us have wanted to capture that special moment, be it at an event we attended or a place we visited. So bring your camera with you and don’t let that moment slip away.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this warm photo gallery and that you’ll be willing to share your precious moments and experiences with us. Soon!


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