Many parents are a little bit afraid of traveling and vacationing with their children, but it really shouldn’t be stressful. It should bring joy to the child and also much needed rest for the parent.
Of course, traveling with children requires a whole new rhythm, interests and habits. But the memories that your child will create are invaluable.

The comfort zone is boring

Before each trip with kids, it is necessary to do a little bit of research. Take a look at some important information concerning the location of your accommodation. Are there facilities within the accommodation that could keep the children entertained and also check what the distance to pharmacies, supermarkets and other important services is.
Children (especially younger ones, toddlers) are prone to very rapid changes in activities and interests. For this reason, swimming and diving may not be interesting for them each day of your vacation. That is why it would be a good idea to include visits to places that will serve as highlights of the trip for the kids and yourself as well.

Adriagate has all the information that may interest you concerning a holiday with children in Croatia.
We bring you a list of the best fun parks which you don’t want to miss. Treat your family with some unforgettable moments.

Fun parks | Dalmatia

Aquapark Solaris – a holiday for the whole family

When your little ones get tired of walking through the narrow streets, sightseeing and swimming in the turquoise sea, definitely use one day to visit the Solaris Aquapark near Šibenik.
Numerous slides, waterfalls, pools and sprinklers are a part of this great amusement park. You can find content and entertainment tailored to the youngest, but to older and more adventurous ones as well. Of course, you can just relax and take a break, because all guests are under a watchful eye of the rescue team.

Aside from plenty of adrenaline fun, there are restaurant, cafes and small patisseries where you can get an ice cream or a refreshment of choice.

Fun park Biograd | a fun world tailored to kids and parents

The special feature of this park is its division into three thematic units: Space, Pirate City and the Wild West. In addition, they offer something for the bravest (parents and children), rollercoasters, ferris wheel and spinning coaster. If you need an adrenaline break: Games Hall and Dark Ride are the places for you!

All this is accompanied by a large number of animators, magicians, jugglers and circus performers who will capture children’s attention and imagination.

Fun parks | Istria

Aquapark Istralandia – the most diverse offer of adrenaline and fun

Escape Hole, Crazy Hills, Hydromassager Pool, Family Rafting, Spray Arena, Mini Surf, Black Kamikaza, Flying Boats, Free Fall, Top Gun are just some of the attractions in the largest Istrian Aquapark.
The water park stretches on an incredible 81,000 square meters of surface. Located near Novigrad only 5 km from the coast. If you are looking for an accommodation nearby, your vacation will surely be fulfilling and interesting.

Dinopark Funtana – learning is fun

If you want for kids to learn and have fun at the same time, then Dinopark Funtana is an ideal place for your family. Dinopark is immersed in a beautiful nature. In addition to adrenaline rides, there are mobile dinosaurs, an arena with 1,000 seats for various programs and research workshops. A great advantage is also the proximity of town of Poreč.

Aquapark Aquacolors – the largest water park in Croatia

Except Dinopark near Poreč, you can also visit the Aquapark Aquacolors. It is the largest water park in Croatia and it can accommodate between 3,000 and 5,000 visitors! There are 12 giant slides, an artificial wave pool, the longest lazy river in Europe, a handful of animations for children and adults, catering facilities and services.

Papago Park – experience coexistence with nature

Poreč is a real paradise for families with children. Besides Dinopark and Aquacolors, Papago Park is nearby. In this park there are over 200 birds from all over the world. You can find pheasants, peacocks, geese to exotic coloroful parrots. A nature walk leads around bird shelters, an educational center, places to have a quick rest, cafes, etc. It is also important to mention that Papago Park supports the rules of the International CITES Convetion on the Protection of Endangered Species.

Daily dose of adrenaline

Croatia is the right place for adventurers and adrenaline addicts. Croatia offers many adrenaline parks, on the coast and inland, which creates a perfect opportunity to try zip lines, artificial rocks, polygons, kayaks and canoes, paintball, archery or driving quads and buggy vehicles.

In return, you will get the opportunity to get to know the real Croatia.

As promised at the beginning of our little guide – although small in area, Croatia can (and will) fulfill everyone’s wishes and interests. Adriagate is happy to help you in your vacation planning!