Exkursion Omiš bike tour Advanced

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  • Route: Omiš-Gata-Podgrađe-Kučiće-Radmanove mlinice-Kaštil Slanica-Omiš

Zusätzliche Informationen
  • Intensität der Tour: Hard
  • Geeignet für Senioren: Ja
  • Geeignet für die meisten Gäste: Ja
  • Tage: 1
  • Minimal: 2
  • Maximal: 30
  • Anmerkung: Duration of the trip: 4-5 hours. Route length: 54km; Track difficulty: 4/5. We recommend to people with good physical condition. Possibility to arrange lunch in Kaštil Slanica restaurant on the way back. Starting during the day according to the agreement.

  • Im Preis inbegriffen: Cycling equipment, helmet, insurance, guide
  • Price does not include: Lunch in restaurant Kaštil Slanica, drinks.
The ideal way to discover the natural beauty of the Dalmatian hinterland and Cetina canyon. Get to know the history of the pirates of Omiš and Poljica Republic.Biking tour starts in Omiš at the pre-arranged time. Taking over the bike, meeting with the guide, a short briefing, testing the bikes and your adventure can begin. During the way you will enjoy amazing nature, beautiful viewes on canyon Cetina and river.

Beschreibung der Route

Ort der Abreise: Omis
Abfahrt: Montag, Dienstag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag, Freitag, Samstag, Sonntag
Zeit der Abfahrt: 09:00h      Language: HR,EN


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