Excursie Zipline Šibenik

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Meer informatie
  • Intensiteit / Eisen van de rondreis: Standard
  • Geschikt voor senioren: Ja
  • Geschikt voor kinderen: Ja
  • Geschikt voor de meeste passagiers: Ja
  • Dagen: 1
  • Minimaal: 1
  • Maximaal: 100
  • Opmerking: Starting every hour depending of arrangement. We recommend you to take sport shoes, hat, sunscreen, bottle of water.

Prijs informatie
  • De prijs is inclusief: Zipline, safety equipment, insurance.
  • De prijs is exclusief: Transfer to start destination: (up to 10 km - 10 eur/person, up to 20 km - 15 eur/person). Rent a Go Pro camera (15 eur with your memory card), tips for drivers and guide.
At the foot of the mount Svilaja and through the Petrovo field, the 46 km long river Čikola does not cease to impress. It is especially attractive for its 130 m deep canyon enriched with 298 types of plants, several caves and medieval fortresses, for which it has a protected area status. This untouched wildlife makes an even more special sight if you experience it from a bird's perspective, in the safety of protective equipment. The view of the Čikola river canyon scenery is breathtaking, especially if you are looking at it from above. We can guarantee the soaring over the tree trunks and ravines with the wind in your hair! Join us on a 1.4 km long zipline adventure that will boost your adrenaline and make you feel the kick you were longing for. You will see the breathtaking scenery of Čikola river canyon from 120 to 30 m of altitude. On the three lines from 250, 500 and 650 m length experience speeding up to 70 km/h or take a moment to enjoy the nature around you. Enjoy one hour of adventure that will surely overreached your expectations.


Plaats van vertrek: Sibenik
Departure: maandag, dinsdag, woensdag, donderdag, vrijdag, zaterdag, zondag
Time of departure: 09:00h      Language: HR,EN

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