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Kruizy dlya grupp / timbilding - Хорватия

This category is focused on groups looking to book a cruise in Croatia and it contains suggestions with some of the best cruise programs of all kinds in Croatia from standard programs focused on the natural and cultural beauties of Croatia with lots of swimming and sunbathing to active cycling routes  with ships of all categories from deluxe ships to traditional wooden sailing boats. Additional group discounts for reservations of a certain number of cabins or for renting the whole ship are available on request, so please send us an email with the details of your request to or call us on +385 21 271 870

Discover the charms of the Croatian coast and islands with a group of friends, colleagues or relatives. This is a category with the best offers for any kind of group cruise along the Croatian coast. Whether you want to organise a teambuilding with work colleagues, celebrate a wedding anniversary, graduation, or a gathering of a group of people of similar interest, we are here for you. Our main mission is to create the ideal cruise program that will win your heart.

The condition for taking advantage of special group discounts is that the group contains a minimum of 7 members, the route itself can only be an example because in the case of renting the entire ship the group has maximum flexibility to form itineraries according to their wishes.

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