Day 6. Hvar, swimming on Pakleni islands and climbing the fortress Fortica

After Lumbarda, the island of Hvar was our next stop. I do not know exactly when we left Lumbarda because we barely woke up for breakfast that morning. This time we have not stopped for the morning bath, but we kept going. This gave us the space for additional meeting with the passengers who came from various parts of the world: Portugal, Italy, France, USA, England, Croatia, Sweden, Slovenia, Morocco…

Only after 3 p.m. we docked on the Pakleni islands to bathe and refresh before visiting the city of Hvar. At 5 p.m. we came to Hvar where the guide was waiting for us.

From this guided tour I have learned that open book on statues means that something was built in a time when there was peace, and closed the book when it was war. This fact somehow stayed sealed in my memory, bur certainly we have heard a lot more about Hvar.

After the guided tour, we decided to climb up to the fortress Fortica, which once represented the central defensive fortification of town Hvar, the centuries-old patron of the city and harbor. The view from the fortress to the city cannot be described in words so I attached a few images shot from the fortress.

Hvar is a beautiful little town, with a unique charm of the Renaissance. The streets reflect the uniqueness, full of art galleries. If you ever take visit Hvar, take time to walk around the streets above the upper gate of the city, boldly climb up to the fortress or walk along the promenade to the beach Hula Hula.

Day 7. Trogir tour with excellent guide and dinner with great company

It was the end of our visit to Hvar and time to go to Trogir as well as the last day of our trip. Before we came to Trogir we stopped for a swim in the bay on the island Ciovo, right near the camp.

A certain dose of familiarity could be felt on the boat. We’ve all somehow become friends. The team that can get along and respect each other. The end of our trip was unfortunately very close.

At 5 p.m. we docked in Trogir. The guide was waiting for us for our last tour on this journey. An outstanding storyteller gave us a tour through the streets of Trogir, showed us all 6 churches and answered all our questions. Certainly one of the most interesting guides during our journey.

As soon as the tour ended, we were all very hungry, and most of us went to the restaurant “Kapasantarecommended by, where we also get a discount of 10% as Adriagate guests. It is a great, big restaurant with live music at the bottom of Trogir waterfront, right near the famous Trogir tower. We were together with our Italian friends, Mr. Pier Giorgio his Mrs. Paola and with the family Saggini. Not far from us Mrs. Irena from Slovenia with her husband and friends sat, and three tables away four families of very cheerful Frenchman were sitting as well. The meal was great, and Adriagate gave us a bottle of fine wine. We returned to the ship after dinner.

Day 8. Breakfast, packing and saying goodbye to nice people we met on this journey

During our breakfast in the morning we were given gifts from Adriagate. It was a big magnet for our pictures and homemade prosecco from the Adriagate owners, as a souvenir that will always remind us on this wonderful journey. Perfect end of this wonderful journey, isn’t it?!




For me, and my family, this was a very special trip. We visited a lot of destinations, swam in extraordinarily clear sea, away from mass tourism. We enjoyed getting tan on the deck, reading books, listening to the sounds of the sea or spending time talking to some of our new friends. It was a priceless experience in only 7 days of travel.

Personally, the whole company on board have left a very nice impression on me. I hope I will never forget them. I send my biggest greeting to our cheerful and always smiling waiter Đoni.

❤  I hereby wish to greet the entire team from Adriagate cruise on MS Columbo: Ms. Nina and Ewonne, the whole Saggini family and future basketball star Filippo, dear Mr. Pier Giorgioni and his wife Paola, Mr. and Mrs. Finch, the French families Voron, Dando, Dufin and Peuaud, Mr. John and Mrs. Sandra from the UK, the family Gil Da Costa from Portugal, happy company from Slovenia, Mrs. Irene, and dear Mrs. and Mr. Horvatex from Croatia. 

Thank you very much for everything and I hope that our paths will meet again someday!


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