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The fertile Plain nearby Stari Grad on the island of Hvar was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2008.

Stari Grad is the oldest town on the island of Hvar. It is situated on the north-western part of the island in a protected cove. The town was founded in 4th century BC by Greeks and was named Pharos. It was also inhabited in Roman period and Romans named it Pharia.

Stari Grad Plain dates from the period of the ancient Greece. Greeks divided the area into equal cadastral plots. Over hundred archaeological findings from Greek and Roman period were found in the area of Stari Grad Plain. That includes many agricultural buildings from Greek period and numerous villae rusticae from Roman period. The best known villa rustica is Kuponovik north of Jelsa-Stari Grad road and also Greek tower Maslinovik north of airport in the Plain.

This type of land subdivision is the most significant ancient architectural project and best preserved Greek land division on the Mediterranean.

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