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Recommended accommodation Pula! Summer holiday apartment - Croatia! Pula offers accommodation for your ideal holiday in Croatia!

From 124 €
Most recent reservation 2 days ago

 1500 m
Airline distance to the sea
 2500 m
Airline distance to town centre
Een ruim, kleurig appartement met zwembad erbij. Alles is aanwezig. Eigenaren vriendelijk. Het ligt ten noorden van de stad Pula, vlak bij de rondwe...
Capacity: 7 Persons
5 Review(s)

Apartments Susy Pula

Location: Pula
From 48 €
Most recent reservation 9 days ago

2 Review(s)

Apartments Marfil Pula

Location: Pula
From 80 €
Most recent reservation 3 days ago

Apartments Bajec Pula

Location: Pula
From 33 €
Most recent reservation 3 days ago

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