Zarace - ostrov Hvar

Местонахождение: Oстрова Средней Далмации
Zarace - ostrov HvarZarace - ostrov HvarZarace - ostrov HvarZarace - ostrov HvarZarace - ostrov HvarZarace - ostrov HvarZarace - ostrov HvarZarace - ostrov HvarZarace - ostrov HvarZarace - ostrov HvarZarace - ostrov HvarVideo presentationVideo presentationVideo presentation

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Zarace is a small inhabited town on the south side of island Hvar, one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world. The town is situated in a bay with the same name with a large pebble beach. Zarace can be reached by boat from the Hvar port or by car. The town is located only 8km from the city of Hvar. The city of Hvar is situated in the southwest coast of the island in a beautiful bay which is protected by the Pakleni islands. Once a town with a lush turbulent history, today is one of the most important and most visited tourist destinations on the Adriatic. In Hvar visit the numerous cultural monuments: Arsenal, City Lodge, Castle, Cathedral, Franciscan Monastery, and many others that will enchant you with their beauty and take you back in time when the city was ruled by Venice, Austria and Napoleon...

Book an apartment or accommodation by the sea from our offer and let yourself entwine with the beauty of Zarace. Spend an unforgettable holiday with your family or friends on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

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