What type of swimsuit is most suitable and highlights your qualities? The swimsuit season is finally here. It’s difficult to decide which one is the right one, especially with such a rich offer. This is why we tried to find out what type of swimsuit best suits different body shapes.

You will visually enlarge small breasts if you choose an upper part which is slightly crimped, wrinkled, has two layers, flounces, strong patterns or bright colors. If you like clear lines, it would be best if you chose an upper part which goes around the neck and has a small cutout.
If you have big breasts, it is important that you chose a strong swimsuit, if possible, the one with a band below the brassiere which will help support it. Choose simpler lines, dark colors or a dark swimsuit with bright colors splashed across.

If you have a wider waistline than you wished for, you will deflect the attention from it by choosing a one-piece swimsuit with darker colors or strong patterns, because it will help blur your waist contours. You can also choose a one-piece swimsuit made of two different parts, as well as the swimsuits which will highlight your breasts.If you have a shorter torso and would like to visually elongate it, choose vertical stripes or swimsuits with various shades of the same color. Another smart choice would be a swimsuit combined of two different parts in colors, creating an impression of a longer torso.

You will shorten a long torso by choosing horizontal stripes. A swimsuit with a belt in a different color would also come in handy, or a one-piece swimsuit with the upper part in different color so it would highlight your breasts.If you have strong hips and thighs  you should look into swimsuits which would cover them in part – a longer lower part, in the shape of shorts or a skirt, and in darker color. Another smart choice would be a swimsuit with a combination of colors, the lower part would be dark and in one color, the upper part would be different.


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