If you are planning to go on a trip with your pet, be sure to organize in advance and plan every detail, so you and your four-legged friend can be comfortable and enjoy your trip from the very beginning.

After you have booked a pet-friendly accommodation, you have to consider a special container, pet passport, microchip and veterinary certificates to abide by all procedural laws if you want to travel by airplane, ship or train. The container has to be large enough so the animal can stand up, turn around and lie down, it has to ensure a sufficient air flow and have a strong door.

If you plan to travel by plane, cats and dogs must be in a legitimate container the maximum width, length, and depth of which does not exceed 115 centimeters, with a waterproof bottom and cannot weigh more than 8kg. Metal containers are recommended for plane travels because it will protect your pet from possible injuries during turbulence. If your pet weighs more than 8kg with the container, it will have to be placed between the luggage as special baggage. Most of the airlines allow small cats and dog in the passenger cabin only if the flight lasts under 10 hours.

If you plan to travel by ship, it is important that you chose a line which allows pet transportation and that you follow all the rules. During the travel, it is usually allowed to keep the pets on an open deck, on a short leash and constantly watch over them. In the great majority of cases, the pets should not be in contact with other passengers, isolated in special containers.

In your own car, you are the one setting the rules, which will make your pet feel most comfortable. Make sure your car is air-conditioned and that the animal can eat and drink regularly. Do not open the window while driving, because a strong wind can damage your pet’s eyes and ears. Organize brief stops every 2-3 hours so all of you can stretch for a while. It is a good idea to feed the animal 3-4 hours before leaving to avoid stomach discomfort. Under no condition should you feed the pet during the drive.


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