In order to arrive to your destination secure and pleasant as possible, we have prepared some good advice for drivers on a long journey.


1.    Plan your route

When going on a long trip, during the summer or winter, the driver should study the map and route before taking the trip, especially if he is not familiar with the area he is going to. Navigation is an excellent tool. It is not a bad idea to ask family or your friends if they had taken the specific route themselves.

Long  journey drive Croatia


2.    Try to avoid traffic jams

It is well-known that most of the hotel or even private accommodation reservations in Croatia are from Saturday to Saturday. You can encounter traffic jams coming or going (the usual ones are at Lucko, in front of Mala Kapela and St. Roko tunnels). The roads are empty on weekdays so the drive to the sea is a great and pleasant experience. If you can leave earlier and stay at the Plitvice lakes or near the

Krka falls, you will be able to rest, avoid traffic jams and enjoy the rich scenery of Croatia’s inland. Modern car stereos have a special function (press TA). It will automatically pick up the report from HAK (Croatian roadside assistance) as soon as it starts to air, even if you are listening to your favorite CD or radio station at that time. That way you can be informed and up to date about where the traffic jams are and you can try to avoid them.


3.    Check the safety of your car

Spare some time to control your car from all sides so a tiny itch would not grow into a huge problem. Check the oil level, lights and turn signals.  Under no condition should you go on a trip before you have checked the condition of your tires. Pump them in an appropriate manner.  Low pressure is far more dangerous than the high one. Wash all the windows and rear-view mirrors, fill your fuel tank and add some glass-cleaning fluid.

If you are taking your children with you, check the air filters as well!


4.    Prepare all the necessary documentation

Before going, check whether you have all the documents you need, especially the green card. If you participate in an accident, you will need it. That is the main reason why they ask that you have it; it proves you have car insurance.



   Car luggage

Secure the luggage-if it moves around the truck, it could throw you off balance in curves. When sorting the luggage, compress it. Put the heavy things on the bottom and the light ones on top. Do not restrict your view by putting it all on the back shelf.


6.    Take a rest before the trip

Experts advise that a tired and sleepy driver can be more dangerous than the one under the influence of alcohol. If you are going early in

the morning, dinner needs to be light and the driver should not think about negative things. The stress before the trip contributes to difficulties while driving so s/he needs to think positively. It is important to pull over every hundred kilometers because you should walk around and stretch a bit. If the driver falls into a crisis, the best thing to do is to pull over and sleep it off. Just a few minutes of sleep are enough to restore the freshness needed for the next stage.


7.    Food and refreshment on the trip

Instead of junk food, it is best to take a fruit cake, bread or a wheat pastry. In case you get stuck in a traffic jam, you will want to have a cold beverage, some fruit and an interesting reading that will help the driver to overcome the situation. Do not eat much! The diver is more likely to feel tired if driving after a rich meal. S/he should rest then, because the brain does not get enough oxygen which results in

sleepiness and fatigue.


8.    Children in the car

Take some toys for your children, a picture book, a board game or a toy that you child likes. If it is a baby, put whatever you need in a special bag you will keep near you: tissues, diapers, cream, food, as well as other set of clothes.


9.    A pet in the car

It is best to put the pet into a basket, for all passengers’ safety. Plan more stops along the way because your pet could dehydrate until you reach your destination. Take food and water for your pet, as well as a dish you will serve it in.


10.    Control the speed

We believe that most people are not trying to make up for everything they have missed out on in life by driving recklessly, but still, there are some that think differently.

Good luck! And have a pleasant vacation…



by Mirjana Jovanović






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