Discovering another country is something most tourists have as their top priority and what better way to do it than to simply RENT A CAR and embark on a great exploratory trip. A car as a means of transport gives you an incredible sense of freedom and independence much different from the standard tailor-made trips where your every step is planned out in advance.

Many would agree that this spontaneous nature of road tourism is something that can not be replicated as it allows for some unforgettable moments and memories to be cherished forever.

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Booking a rent a car can be a daunting task as one needs to pay attention to many small details that make a world of difference.

Car rental service has a couple of features that need to be taken into account:


First of all, it is preferable to find a provider that offers several options in terms of vehicles ranging from budget-friendly small and compact cars to premium and luxury vehicles, as a bigger range of vehicles generally signifies that more options are possible and there will be less or no issues with availability even in high season.


The second main issue is the booking period, due to a high increase in demand within the car rental sector it is always advisable to book some time ahead of your planned arrival as many companies offer first-minute discounts and other early booker promotions. Furthermore, look for a company with cars present in as many major airports and in as many major cities as possible since this way you avoid paying car delivery fees for a lot of the most popular pick-up locations.


Another interesting point is to find a provider that includes ferry island transit and border crossing fees in Neum to grant you the possibility to see the entire Croatian coastline including the pearl of the Adriatic, the town of Dubrovnik.

In light of the above mentioned be sure to look for car rental solutions that have no surcharges for airport car pickups and deliveries. Moreover, check for solutions with unlimited mileage as well as a good choice of insurance packages and additional services as it gives more flexibility in terms of price formation.

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A Croatian based Adriagate Travel Agency presents itself as a good choice as it includes all of the aforementioned perks along with a professional multilingual staff with rich experience in the sector and some other interesting benefits as well.

Last but not least, imagine yourself driving along with a beautiful coastal road window down with the wind running through your hair, listening to your favorite song without a worry in the world, this is why car rental experience is like no other. 🙂


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