Galesnjak is a heart shaped croatian inslet, which together with three other islands in different parts of the world make „the worlds love islets“. The „Coatian island of love“ is uninhabited, that is why lovers who wish to spend quality time alone will have this island all to themselves.

The island is located in the Pasman canal between the town of Mrljane on the island of Pasman and the town of Turanj on the mainland. The area of the islet is 0.132 square kilometers, and the length of the coastal zone is 1545 meters with its highest peak at 36m above sea level. The island is privately owned by family Jureško. Galešnjak was “discovered” in 2008 by the web browser Google Earth, and the TV station CNN published an article about him as one of the several natural heart shaped phenomenas.

île Galešnjak Croatie Adriagate.comThe tiny heart shaped island in the Pasman canal became a hit destination for Valentines Day, after being discovered on Google Earth the first engagement was recently celebrated on the island of love. Young Muscovites Sarukhanov Mikhail and Valentina Moros decided to do just that act on the beautiful Galešnjak.

The small island, bordered by golden sand, which was used by fishermen as a shelter from the storms will now gladly accept all couples who are looking to mark their love in a unique way.


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