Issue of Privacy

We live in a time when privacy has become somewhat of a luxury. Our lives are dominated by technology through numerous video platforms and social media. Many people knowingly and willingly expose different facets of their lives down to the most minute details all over the Internet. Modern society has created a sort of a matrix effect, an illusion of a parallel existence through different social media channels whereby the individuality and personality of a person get dissected by mostly anonymous individuals through a narrow prism of posted content.

Search for Freedom

There is no room for privacy within the matrix, its very notion gets swept away by the seductive powers of posts and likes. Luckily all hope is not yet lost.  We can still unplug and return to our tangible reality. We can still grab a book, we can still go outside and have a walk, we can still be free. A man is a social being but a man is also a contemplative being in need of privacy and detachment. Much Like Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe each of us needs synergy with nature from time to time. This synergy can either be attained in solitude or shared with those closest to you.

Be like Robinson Crusoe

In this day and age disconnecting from the constant tirades of the tube, we call TV or the matrix we call the Internet can be achieved by taking a proper vacation, this has become essential to our mental well-being much like breathing or sleeping. Croatia is a destination known for its natural beauty and it can be a true sanctuary for all those wishing to reclaim their privacy through immersion in nature. It may be a slight exaggeration to say that everyone should live like Robinson Crusoe for at least a week but you can get a glimpse of that lifestyle by opting to book your vacation in a remote cottage in Croatia.

Remote Cottages and Adriagate

A Croatian based Adriagate Travel Agency certainly has the best offer of traditional accommodation types in Croatia with remote cottages and Robinson houses leading the way. Accommodation units of this type are normally isolated and surrounded by immaculate nature often in proximity to beaches where an individual or a family can relax completely undisturbed. Most of the time electricity for these kinds of houses is generated through solar panels and water is kept in water tanks so it is advisable to boil before drinking it. Furthermore, these houses are often traditionally furbished with main kitchen appliances like the fridge and a stove at your disposal so there are certain luxuries in comparison with a true Robinson Crusoe lifestyle 😊 but this actually enables you and your loved one/s to truly unwind and enjoy the sea of tranquility around you. Houses of the type are mostly found on locations like Tkon and Kraj on the island of Pašman, Bogomolje, and Basina on the island of Hvar or Stomorska on the island of Šolta.

Coming back to life

This year has been everything but normal and apart from the above stated technological dependencies, the pandemic was gaining ground by the day redefining our daily lives in a dramatic manner. There is absolutely nothing any virus can do when you are relaxing in front of a remote cottage surrounded by the trees listening to the bustling leaves in the wind and smelling the salt of the nearby beach while the sun caresses your skin. No masks, no social distancing, no measures,  no wifi, no tv is needed. We hope this text tickled your fancy into booking the safest and most sought after accommodation type in Croatia. Simply breathe in unison with nature, book a remote cottage with the Adriagate Travel Agency, reclaim your privacy, and feel whole again.

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