The island of Vis is characterized by beautiful and incredibly clear waters, numerous hidden coves, pebble and sandy beaches. It is one of the most remote Croatian islands, but precisely because of that it is so charming. If you are making your way to Vis from Split, prepare for a three-hour ride, but as you sail out it will be very clear that it was worth the trip.

Vis island Croatia
Vis island Croatia

Vis is surrounded by the open sea and due to that it is different from the sea which you are normally accustomed to. Swimming at Vis is an unforgettable experience, something that cannot be told, but must be experienced.

Visit a new beach each day Vis is the island of beautiful beaches

What can be told about Vis is that it has many natural beaches and hidden coves making it an oasis of peace and tranquility. Among them is the beautiful Stoncica cove, famous for its sandy bottom and thick Mediterranean plants that surround her. There are also Srebrna cove, Stiniva cove and many others, so it is up to you to try them out and choose the one that you like best.

Vis Srebrna

vis stiniva
Vis Stiniva

More information about the beaches can be found in our Guide to beaches in Croatia

Blue Cave on Bisevo

A natural phenomenon, the Blue Cave on Bisevo, one of the trademarks of the island of Vis, constantly attracts streams of tourists. The cave has two openings, one which is below sea level, so that as the sun passes through it, it creates an incredibly beautiful blue color.

Blue Cave Bisevo
Blue Cave Bisevo

The island of Vis has a rich and eventful past which can be seen through the numerous monuments from ancient to recent times. History lovers can enjoy visiting the ruins of the ancient city, the Roman artefacts and numerous Renaissance palaces and churches.

Renaissance palaces and churches island Vis

„Top destinations“,a guide through Croatian destinations, recommends on islad Vis:

• The remains of the ancient city of Issa
• Church and Monastery
• Summer residences of Croatian and Vis royalty
• Fortresses from various historical periods
• Archaeological Museum of the town of Visa
• Wine Vugava
• Underground tunnels and bunkers
• Hib
• Outdoor summer cinema
• Vis style bread


Due to its unique microclimate, fertile fields and fishing zones, Vis is Croatia’s gastronomic paradise. Many who have had the opportunity to enjoy one of the many attractive restaurants or family households, will agree that the best food on the Croatian Adriatic can be found on the island of Vis.

Gastronomy Vis island
Gastronomy Vis island

During both winter and summer, Vis tends to live its own life. The people on the island greet one another with “pomalo” or in translation “take it easy”, and unlike the everyday rush of big cities, it seems as if time has stood still.

The heart of social life lies in the bars and cafes where you can always enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a perfectly prepared cocktail.

In the evening the island is a safe haven and shelter to numerous yachtsmen and boats which adds charm to the island.


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