Since the beginning of time, the human race had an intrinsic connection with the sea. Sea can not be tamed or mastered. We humans managed to put under our control the majority of things on this third rock from the Sun but the Sea has always been and will always remain an immensely powerful force that acts independent of our will and we must abide by its rules. In the old days’ nations that learned to coexist with the Sea prospered and those that learned how to cross it expanded their power and influence to immeasurable heights. The concept of exploration is tightly connected with Sea navigation and today more than ever it serves as an ultimate expression of freedom of spirit and mind.

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The year 2020 will remain impressed in our collective memories as a year of the COVID 19 pandemic that took the world by storm, it was as if our lives were caught in a whirlwind and tossed around like a rag doll. Landing back on our feet and coming to terms with everything that transpired was not an easy task. Many restrictions have been imposed by governments all over the world and the situation has been difficult from all aspects. The virus has somehow managed to disengage us from the outside world and instead of looking outward towards the world around us, we started looking inward locking ourselves in mental cages. This way of life builds up stress after which distress normally follows as it lowers the immune system and makes you vulnerable.

In times like these turning to the Sea for advice is the best thing one can do to appease the mind and the soul. The evolutionary wisdom it contains is unmatched, it speaks to our inner being and there is a liaison between the very essence of our existence and the Sea nurtured through thousands of years of the evolution of our species.

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Choosing to sail or to cruise is a way to renew this lost connection with nature since the Sea represents life and its healing properties coupled with exposure to the Sun will boost your immune system to unimaginable heights. Some may opt for sailing but others may simply go on a cruise and the Adriatic Sea presents a truly perfect option as the entire coast of Croatia is rich with islands worth visiting for their natural beauty as well as for their historical significance. This kind of vacation is indispensable in today’s world where our existence has become fear-based and structured upon the preservation of the illusion of security within one’s domicile.


Traveling is an expression of freedom through exploration and a cruise is its most accurate depiction. Keeping in mind the current world situation small cruise ships with a maximum of about 30-40 passengers are surely a go-to option as hygienic standards that must be preserved and rules by which organizers must abide are easy to put in place. In light of the above mentioned it is worth stating that the Croatian based Adriagate Travel Agency has managed to successfully organize cruise programs even in these most challenging times preserving the highest possible service quality without compromising the safety of its passengers. Adriagate specializes in small ship cruises with a great variety of cruise programs that perfectly epitomize this blend of exploration and freedom.

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Let the sea become the oxygen of your soul, let the sunlight imbue your skin with its nourishing heat. Do not consider a cruise vacation a reward for having survived this year, consider it a necessity, consider it a way of reestablishing control of your own existence, consider it a foundation for your future growth.