If you are planning to go overseas for the new year, it’s good to get acquainted with the customs of the country you are visiting so you don’t get surprised. We are bringing you a list of the most interesting ones.

  • In Spain, the arrival of New Year is announces by the clock on the bell tower in Puerta del Sol, which is Madrid’s square. The bell counts down the seconds into the New Year, and rings twelve times, while the crowd gathered on the square eats 12 grapes, making wishes for the upcoming year.
  • In Germany the lead role is played by the fireworks, while the New Year’s table has to be filled with food, especially lentils soup or pork as symbols of prosperity.
  • The Brazilians traditionally wear white. They go to the beach, jump over seven waves and throw flowers.
  • In Norway rice pudding with an almod inside is prepared. The person who finds the almond is a lucky one and luck will follow him/her throughout the year.
  • According to the ancient beliefs of the British, luck in the New Year depends on who will be your first guests. If your first guest is male, you can expect prosperity, while a female at the door is not a good sign.
  • If your journey takes you to China, you’ll notice that all doors are painted red, the color of happiness and joy.
  • At the other end of the world, in Austria, you will enjoy lunch which must include baked foods, and mint ice cream for dessert.
  • For New Year’s in Sicily lasagna must be eaten because it brings good luck.
  • The Dutch eat donuts for the New Year believing that they will bring peace and prosperity in the upcoming year.
  • And while the Dutch eat donuts, the French eat pancakes. If you happen to be in France for New Year’s Eve, be prepared for the midnight kiss under the mistletoe.
  • The Swiss let a drop of cream land on the floor on New Year’s Day to bring peace, wealth, and good health.
  • If you decide to travel to Croatia, it would be a good idea to put on red underwear and make sure the first person that wishes you a Happy New Year is a male.

In any instance, it would be advisable to try some of these customs and wish for as much happiness and prosperity in the upcoming year. Wherever you decide to go, or whatever you decide to do have a good time!

Happy new year!



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