Have you ever been to Rogoznica? It’s a good time to visit it. Rogoznica is a small town in the center of one of the 4 Croatian Regions – Dalmatia. Because of its position, it is also referred to as a “Heart of Dalmatia”, and this is also accompanied by a love story about the legend on lake Dragon’s Eye, for what Rogoznica is perhaps best known. But we will talk about it a little bit later.


The center of Rogoznica is situated on an islet connected with the bridge to the land. The island has mostly retained old stone houses and although it has recently been restored and decorated, the shore nevertheless exudes the authentic Mediterranean atmosphere that in the summer days, together with a number of interesting events, brings together tourists who have just come here on vacation. Apart from the interesting summer events that are filled with tradition, Rogoznica is also famous for its rich gastronomic offer. Food is prepared from domestic products, and the most famous are fish restaurants that are equipped with fish from local fisheries.

The rest of the island is covered with forests, and as such it is ideal for walking, running and cycling.


Adriagate has its own office in Rogoznica where you can rent a bike for yourself and children. Apart from bicycles, you can rent scooters and explore the entire Rogoznica 54km long coast of Rogoznica.

Travel agency Adriagate

What makes Rogoznica one of the most attractive tourist destinations is its long coastline, where you can find private houses with apartments, as well as holiday homes and villas ideal for tourist rentals. Imagine a vacation where you can see the sea from the apartment, you hear the sound of waves, a vacation where children can run to the beach without you because the courtyard door is the gateway to the pebble beach. Perfect! What could be more desirable than a vacation by the sea, right?


The most famous locations for houses and apartments for rent by the sea are Stupin Čeline, Zatoglav, Zečevarska Street, Šepurine Street, Lozica, Crljina, Gornji Muli, Ražanj, Kalebova Luka, Stivašnica, Mesaroca, Varoš, Kanica. These are all locations that are right by the sea or up to 100m from the sea. The streets are not full of traffic, and it is very peaceful and safe for children. It is worth mentioning that from the listed locations the stony beaches are Stupin Čeline, Zatoglav, Zečevarska Street, Šepurine Street, Lozica, Gornji Muli, while the beach with the larger rocks and concrete access to the sea can be found at the locations of Crljina and Varoš (which are actually a combination of pebbles and concrete ), Ražanj, Kalebova Luka, Stivašnica, Mesaroca, and Kanica.

Accommodation near sea Rogoznica

As we mentioned earlier, we will return to the Dragon’s Eye legend. Namely, the legend says that Rogoznica was kept from the enemy by a horrible dragon, to which the locals would give each year the most beautiful girl in the village as the sign of gratitude. But one day, the hero Aristoles appeared and fell in love with a girl who was supposed to be a bride to the horrible dragon. The young hero challenged the Dragon to a duel and killed the dragon. As he was dying the dragon dug his own eyes with claws. One eye was thrown far to island Mljet, the other just slammed under dragon´s feet and melted the stone. In a cove wrapped in stone, a sea poured in creating a lake that proudly bears the name “Dragon´s eye”. According to this legend of the dragon, if the two lovers go for a swim in Dragon´s eye they will be faithful to each other until the end of their lives, and their marriage will be blessed with eternal love and healthy children. “(Izvor TZ Rogoznica)

Dragon’s Eye

With this beautiful love story, we will finish a short story about Rogoznica, and in the next article we bring out the most popular beaches in Rogoznica and the surrounding smaller places.´


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