If you have a pet and want to take it with you on a vacation, essential determinant when selecting a vacation destination is certainly the beach on which you are allowed to take a dog. That’s why we bring you five best beaches for dogs in Dalmatia! Choose one of these beaches and enjoy the sea fun with your pet.

Some of the beaches are officially marked as dog beaches, and on some beaches, there is such a tradition for years, but they still have no official mark. Whether you’re on a beach marked for dogs or not, you have to keep in mind that each beach has its own rules of conduct, but some of the rules apply to all beaches. Some of these rules are that you always have to keep an eye on your dog and be able to call him over; your dog doesn’t has to be on a leash, but only if it is very obedient; you must collect your dog’s feces ; keep in mind that other people and animals also want to enjoy sea fun, so do not let your dog go where he should not be.

1. Beach Vartalac – a safe corner for your pets on the island of Vis

On the island of Vis, in the outskirts of Komiža there is a beach Vartalac, a paradise for pets, as well as for their owners.


This pebble beach is spacious, so your pet can run, while the shade in the vicinity of the beach is suitable for sun protection. Unfortunately, on this beach there are no additional contents for pets, there is also no drinking water, so make sure to bring balls and frisbees and a bottle of water. READ MORE » 

2. Beach Stara Škola in the center of Vodice

Stara škola

This official beach for dogs is located in the center of Vodice. Clear sea and fine pebbles, and a convenient location attract many owners and their pets.

Stara škola

There are no showers or drinking water on the beach, and the shade is very small, so bring plenty of water for yourself and for your pet. As the beach is located in the very center of the resort, there are bars and restaurants nearby and other facilities. READ MORE »

3. Beach Kašjuni – one of the official dog beaches in Split


Beach Kašjuni is located in the area called Marjan in Split. This pebble beach is located right next to the main beach of Kašjuni. There are rocks between these two beaches, so you can undisturbedly enjoy with your pet.


There are no additional contents on this beach, there are also no showers, so bring your own drinking water. READ MORE »

4. Beach Šimuni – paradise for your pet on the island of Pag


Šimun beach for dogs is located on the island of Pag in the town also called Pag. This beach is not officially for dogs but it is known as a place where pets are welcome. It is located at the very end of the long beach Šimuni, on which you can find lots of contents.


The part for the dogs is isolated and separated from the rest of the beach, so you can enjoy the sea fun with your pet. It is surrounded by pine trees, so there is plenty of shade on the beach. READ MORE » 

5. Beach Cvitačka – a beautiful pebble beach for dogs in Makarska


Cvitačka beach is an official beach for dogs, located at the very end of a series of pebble beaches, 2 km from the center, towards Krvavica. You have to walk to the beach, the nearest parking is a 5-minute walk away.


The dog beach is separated by stones and rocks, while clear sea and beautiful pebbles make it the first choice for all owners, but also for dogs who have enough space for running and enjoying the sun. The beach is surrounded by pine trees and has a lot of shade. Although there is a cafe and fast food nearby, there are no showers or drinking water for your pet. READ MORE » 

Although Dalmatia is not known for dog beaches and has very few officially marked beaches, in almost every destination you can find places where your pet can also swim. And to make your vacation complete we also bring you an offer for five pet-friendly accommodation in Dalmatia!


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