If you have ever traveled to Croatia or are planning a trip to Croatia, you are sure to have come across the island of Hvar as one of the top destinations recommended for holidays in Croatia. Or you may be interested in the island of Hvar because numerous celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Prince Harry, Beyoncé, Eva Longoria, and others have spent their holidays here. The most famous place on the island of Hvar is the historic town of Hvar, which is famous for its many Restaurants, hotels and luxury villas.


Apart from luxury and prestige, the island of Hvar offers a completely different holiday – a holiday for body and soul away from mass tourism. On the island of Hvar, there are beautiful bays with only a few houses such as the bays Lozna, Pelinovik, Vela Stiniva, Tatinja, Pokrivenik, and Jagodna. These bays are very well connected to the city centers and reachable by car.

Vela Stiniva

However, some of the bays are not fully accessible by car. Part of the way to the accommodation is sometimes done by boat. If you want to experience the true life of Robinson in the ideal bay for you, Zavala, Mala Stiniva and Prapatna are the right choice.

Mala Stiniva

These remote cottages are one of a kind because the only power source is through solar cells, and water comes from water tank or rain, house appliances usually work on solar energy or gas. Food supply is organized on a regular basis.

Experience the life of Robinson Crusoe for a week, get away from the noise and urban lifestyle! Book an isolated house! If you need help with the booking of isolated house feel free to contact our customer service 7 days a week and speak English.


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