Busy lifestyle in cities has become more stressful as new technologies and the Internet make it impossible to separate private life from work, even well after working hours.

This is why more and more people escape from the urban jungles especially when it comes to their summer vacation. People need to escape from everything familiar, including their lifestyle.

Croatia is a country which lives in harmony with nature and still treasures places on its coast which exude the traditional lifestyle and respect Mother Nature.

Secret and covert coves, mainly on the islands of Central and North Dalmatia, hide corners far away from everything you know. Small and humble houses which don’t have a water system or electricity, except through small windmills and solar cells. Beaches are very close or just in front of the houses, with the first neighbors and the supermarket are miles away.

Yes, it’s a vacation without a TV and WI-FI! A unique opportunity to bond with your family playing board games or talking late into the night. This is exactly what you need, a true vacation!

We’ve captured a few hopeless romantics who have chosen these houses as witnesses to their promises or eternal love for each other. They shared their story with us and the entire Adriagate.com family would like to take this opportunity and thank them.

To make the story of the remote cottages more authentic, our hardworking Adriagate.com team made this video you don’t want to miss!


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