Between humans and dolphins there has always been a special relationship. Dolphins, like humans, are confident and intelligent beings who have personalities. Some of them are playful and friendly, while others are quieter and humble.

However there is one characteristic common to all the dolphins: they select only the cleanest seas for their habitat. That is why Croatian is very proud of its clear blue sea where dolphins can be found almost everywhere. The best known places are the waters of islands Losinj and Cres, where you can find a community of about 120 bottlenose dolphins, but they can also be seen in other parts of the Adriatic.

Dolphins Lošinj Croatia

Bottlenose dolphins are certainly know to most people, it’s the species that majority of the television dolphins belong to. Their satisfaction can be seen through their contact, playing tag, jumping high in the air, and because of his facial expressions give the impression that they are always smiling.

Dolphins in Croatia are a part of the tourism promotion but it is important to emphasize that it is prohibited to disturb, sail beside or swim with them.

If you wish to participate in activities related to the research and protection of dolphins, Blue World organization allows you to participate in their program as a volunteer and you can even symbolically adopt a dolphin, and thus further contribute to their conservation.

If you spend time at sea looking for dolphins, it is very likely that you will encounter one. And then, for your and their safety, be sure to abide by the rules of conduct that apply while in their vicinity!