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      The island of Susac, off of navigation routes, is 23 NM south of the island of Hvar and 13 NM west of the island of Lastovo. It is surrounded by endless open sea that makes you feel completely secluded from the rest of the world. This sensation is even stronger than on the island of Palagruza from which you can sometimes catch a glimpse of the Italian coast. When viewed from a distance, it seems as though Susac consists of two islands.

      Подробная информация о маяк:
      Susac lighthouse was built in 1878 on the highest point of the extremely steep southern side of the island, where there are numerous cliffs jetting out of the deep crystal clear sea. After the "Bura" wind dies down, you can see up to a depth of 30 m into the water. The southeastern side of the island is not so steep and is lined with many beautiful bays and trails.

      The lighthouse building lies at a height of 100 m and offers views of the endless open sea. The lighthouse is a stone, ground-floor building with two four-bed apartments. There is a berth where smaller boats can be pulled out in the vicinity of the lighthouse.

      The only inhabitants on Susac are the lighthouse keepers and sometimes a shepherd with his flock of sheep who comes to the island due to the specific grazing land. Many valuable archeological artifacts have been found on the island, while further research will reveal more about its history. Many endemic species of birds and other animals live on the island. If you would like to get to know this beautiful island, the experienced lighthouse keeper Ive and his assistant, the young lighthouse keeper Tomi (whose father is a lighthouse keeper on Palagruza), will gladly show you around the island and its fascinating cliffs.

      Divlje, skrivene uvalice s istočne te plitke strane otoka idealna su mjesta za kupanje. Do ovih uvalica od svjetionika ima 30 do 50 minuta hoda uređenim puteljcima koje će Vam pokazati dežurni svjetioničari. Plaže su divlje i kamene, a na nekim dijelovima otoka nije ni moguć pristup moru pa se ne preporučuje dolazak djece.

      There is a sea water lake in the cliffs on the northern side of the island that can be reached from the sea by diving through a cave at a depth of some fifteen meters. Even some movie scenes were shot at this location.

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      Другое и дополнительные услуги
      • Дом в отдалении
      • Использование воды: spremnik za vodu
      • Электричество от солнечных батарей (220 В)
      • предметы снабжения: Zbog udaljenosti od civilizacije ne postoji mogućnost opskrbe pa je namirnice potrebno nabaviti u Veloj Luci prije transfera na Sušac. Turistički boravak na Sušcu poseban je u odnosu na boravak na ostalim svjetionicima i po tome što jedino na ovom svjetioniku možete uživati i u janjetini s ražnja jedinstvene kvalitete. Naravno tu su i lignje, zubatci, jastozi i vrhunsko bijelo vino koje se može nabaviti od svjetioničara. Savjetujemo dogovor sa svjetioničarima o pripremi glavnih obroka za goste, uključujući i nabavku svježe ribe koju sami love ili otkupljuju od ribara u prolazu.
      • Приём: 13:00
      • Выезд: 09:30
      Safety standards
      • Disinfection between guests' stays
      • First aid kit
      • Maintenance of linen according to the guidelines of local authorities
      • Available hand sanitizer
      • Available face masks
      • Staff temperature measurement
      • The use of protective equipment and distance
      Access to the accommodation
      • Добраться на автомобиле или лодке: Добраться только на лодке
      Данные о владельце
      • Маяк хранитель: Маяк хранитель
      • Transfer: Transfer to and from the lighthouse is organized from Vela Luka or from the place of Prigradica by Vela Luka on the island of Korcula by Captain Nevenko Žuvela in a motor boat - one of the most safe means of transportation on the open sea. Return transfer is charged an extra 600 EUR per apartment. Transfer to the island takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

        You can get to Vela Luka and Prigradica:

        - by ferry line Split - Vela Luka, then by car to Prigradica (in the direction of the place of Blato until you turn left for Prigradica).

        - from Dubrovnik by car or bus via the Peljesac peninsula to Orebic and then by boat to the island of Korcula. Guests that arrive by car head directly from the town of Korcula to Vela Luka and Prigradica on the other side of the island.

        - there is also the possibility that Ante Petkovic picks up guests in the town of Korcula. This service is charged 200 KN. Taxi services are also available.

      • Примечание: Since Susac lies in the open sea, off of navigation routes, it is extremely important to observe the scheduled transfer time early in the morning. Even on hot summer days, access to the island by boat may not be possible due to large open sea waves. We recommend you check ferry and catamaran lines to Vela Luka on the island of Korcula at www.jadrolinija.hr and, if necessary, arrive in Vela Luka one day prior to transfer to the lighthouse. If you need accommodation you can find it on our web pages.
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      • Воздуха удалённость от моря: 5 m
      • Ближайший аэропорт: Split
      • Ближайший порт: Vela Luka

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