Pjescana Uvala

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Pjescana UvalaPjescana Uvala

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Overall guest rating: 4.1/5

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Tourist destination info Pjescana Uvala

Pjescana uvala is a modern village which exists for only 30 years and it was discovered by swimmers attached to naturally sandy beach. The town was named after this beach that dominates between two peninsulas. You can look up for your accommodation in a hotel, private rooms and in apartments. Pjescana uvala is a modern tourist village with sandy and gravel beaches, and it is ideal for a family vacation, but also for young people because they can find enough places for entertainment in the village and in the nearest neighbouring villages or towns.

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Guest reviews Pjescana Uvala

4.1 / 5 Fabulous
Overall guest rating

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  •   (Family, ) 23/07/2013 - 
    Guests rating: 4
    Not very touristic and we like that. Quiet at night, quiet roads.
    Need more good restaurants.
  •   (Family, ) 31/08/2012 - 
    Guests rating: 3.8
    Very quiet in the evening. Good choice of different restaurants but you have to look for them! The one in the Marina is wonderful and there is a mexican as you leave the village. Very clean and well kept beach. Close to Kamanjak and its beautiful nature!
    The restaurant by the beach. You had to play for showers by the beach.
  •   (Couple, ) 19/08/2011 - 
    Guests rating: 3.6
    Nice beaches, lot of restaurants, many mosquitos
    Many restaurants, different type of beaches (pebble, concrete between lager rocks, grass), close to Pula. Good balance between number of tourists, facilities offered and crowdiness.
    Many mosquitos!! Some restaurants are not always friendly: 4 free tables for 6 or more persons, which you cannot use when you are with 2 people, although it is 9 o''clock already, bit frustrating. Bit hilly, difficult for people who have problems walking.

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Pjescana Uvala recommended accommodation

* prices for June 2016 based on the maximum capacity for a minimum stay of 7 days

  • Pjescana Uvala,
  • Persons: 2
  • Guests rating: 3.5
  • Most recent reservation 3 days ago
Apartment - Pjescana Uvala Apartment Franjo From 72 €
  • Pjescana Uvala,
  • Persons: 4
  • Pjescana Uvala,
  • Persons: 2-4
  • Most recent reservation 6 days ago
House - Pjescana Uvala Villa Valsabion From 495 €
  • Pjescana Uvala,
  • Persons: 1-10

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