Kavran (Krnica)

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Kavran (Krnica)Kavran (Krnica)

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Overall guest rating: 3.7/5

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Tourist destination info Kavran (Krnica)

Kavran is a romantic village located 8 km from the nearest large villages, Marčana and 15 km from the city of Pula. It features a beautiful view overlooking the Kvarner Bay, as well as Učka on the north and Cape Kamenjak on the south. Kavran is the ideal place for a holiday that offers peace of unspoiled nature, clean air and a mild and healthy climate. Be sure to visit Pula, the largest city on the Istrian peninsula. Pula is rich in cultural monuments of Roman architecture: the amphitheater, the Triumphal Arch from the 1st century BC, Hercules and Twin Gate, Temple of Augustus, a small Roman theater in the  town center , main square Forum ... . In addition to the cultural monuments of Pula it is also famous for its indented coastline, crystal clear sea and beautiful beaches.

Book a holiday house or apartment with a swimming pool from our offer and spend an unforgettable and romantic holiday surrounded by natural beauty of Kavran.

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Guest reviews Kavran (Krnica)

3.7 / 5 Very good
Overall guest rating

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  •  G. (Couple, Netherlands) 25/09/2015 - 
    Guests rating: 3.8
    Not Kavran but Pula
    Kavran is a empty village near Pula. Pula is a historical city which has nice places
  •  Quoibion (Family, Belgium) 08/08/2015 - 
    Guests rating: 2.6
    NICE PLACE FOR A REST But nothing to do !
    Esther is very friendly, nice house, nice swimmingpool and tennis
  •  Pat En Greet (Family, Netherlands) 04/08/2015 - 
    Guests rating: 3.8
    Very quiet, but nice place in the South of Istrië
    Ideal if you don''t want to be at ease and if you like to come at rest.
    Rather far away from shops/utilities. Fortunately there is a small bakery every morning in summer. Two possibilities to go to the sea (one a very quiet place), but no comfortable ''beach'' in Kavran.

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* prices for June 2016 based on the maximum capacity for a minimum stay of 7 days

House - Kavran (Krnica) House Kažun From 66 €
  • Kavran (Krnica),
  • Persons: 2-3
  • Guests rating: 4.4
  • Most recent reservation 8 days ago
House - Kavran (Krnica) House Dora From 120 €
  • Kavran (Krnica),
  • Persons: 4-7
  • Guests rating: 3.4
  • Most recent reservation 5 days ago
House - Kavran (Krnica) House Nova From 88 €
  • Kavran (Krnica),
  • Persons: 4-5
  • Guests rating: 4.6
House - Kavran (Krnica) House Karlo From 56 €
  • Kavran (Krnica),
  • Persons: 2-3
  • Most recent reservation 2 days ago

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