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Recommended accommodation Medici (Omis)! Beachfront summer accommodation - Croatia! Medici (Omis) offers accommodation for your ideal holiday in Croatia!

From 52 €
Most recent reservation 8 days ago

8 Review(s)

Beachfront accommodation Siniša Medici (Omis)

Location: Nemira 5.62 km from Medici (Omis)
From 131 €
Most recent reservation 2 days ago

 50 m
Airline distance to the sea
 3000 m
Airline distance to town centre
Nice en clean appartment, quiet neighborhood, near by the beach, friendly host, airco en internet was perfect, we enjoyed the beautiful vieux from the...
Capacity: 5 Persons
3 Review(s)

Beachfront accommodation Vjekoslav Medici (Omis)

Location: Pisak 6.8 km from Medici (Omis)
From 79 €
Most recent reservation 20 days ago

 50 m
Airline distance to the sea
 300 m
Airline distance to town centre
The view and access to the sea, the shade of the pine trees, the bed, storage and Pisak, the village.
Capacity: 4 Persons
4 Review(s)

Beachfront accommodation Fahrudin Medici (Omis)

Location: Stanici 4.05 km from Medici (Omis)
From 72 €
Most recent reservation 7 days ago

4 Review(s)

Beachfront accommodation Lučica Medici (Omis)

Location: Duce 9.9 km from Medici (Omis)
From 171 €
Most recent reservation 8 days ago

Beachfront accommodation Stanic Medici (Omis)

Location: Omis 8.38 km from Medici (Omis)
From 92 €
Most recent reservation 9 days ago

4 Review(s)

Beachfront accommodation Neda Medici (Omis)

Location: Lokva Rogoznica 1.26 km from Medici (Omis)
From 64 €
Most recent reservation 11 days ago

4 Review(s)

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