Rural accommodation Cepic (Krsan), agro accommodation Cepic (Krsan)

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    Cepic (Krsan)
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    Cepic (Krsan) and rural accommodation form an unforgettable mixture of nature and vacation. Cepic (Krsan) offers all beauties and charms of rural tourism through authentic village houses and rural accommodation in nature. Cepic (Krsan) offers a recognizable and enchanting offer or an authentic Croatian village. Choose a rural accommodation and relax during your peaceful vacation which only Cepic (Krsan) can offer. Choose one of the rural houses from our rural accommodation offer with Loyalty program and take your gift voucher valued up to 150€.

    Cepic (Krsan) agro houses and village authentic houses

    Rural accommodation capacity : 4 Persons
    From 35.72 €
    Cepic (Krsan)
    Rural accommodation capacity : 5 Persons
    From 72.60 €
    Cepic (Krsan)
    Rural accommodation capacity : 5 Persons
    From 85.40 €
    Cepic (Krsan)