Rural accommodation Cepic (Krsan), agro accommodation Cepic (Krsan)

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Cepic (Krsan)
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Rural accommodation Cepic (Krsan)! Recommended accommodation

Rural accommodation Etore Cepic (Krsan)

Location: Cepic (Krsan)
From 57 €
Most recent reservation 12 hours ago

 17000 m
Airline distance to the sea
 200 m
Airline distance to town centre
Genuine rural environement !!!!!!!
Capacity: 4 Persons
8 Review(s)
From 101 €
Most recent reservation 6 days ago

From 101 €
Most recent reservation 12 days ago

Cepic (Krsan) and rural accommodation form an unforgettable mixture of nature and vacation. See what our latest guests booked!